รหัส : FIX-9291TDB
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HF long distance reader 9291TDB is a high performance tag reader. It is designed upon

fully self-intellectual property. Based on proprietary efficient anti-collision algorithm, it supports fast tag

read/write operation with high identification rate. It can be widely applied in many RFID application

systems such as Logistics, Personnel Identification, Conference Attendance System, Access Control,

Anti-counterfeit, Industrial Production Process Control System, etc. 

  •  Self-intellectual property;
  •  Support ISO/IEC15693, ISO18000-3 protocol tag;
  •  RF output power 0.25W~8W(10W) adjustable;
  •  Advanced anti-collision algorithm, high identification rate, typical tag processing speed is over 80 tags/s;
  •  SMA RF interface to support standard 50ohm RFID antenna. Effective distance up to 100cm*;
  • Support Scan-mode①;
  •  Support EAS scan mode;
  •  Support external input and command synchronization in scan mode;
  •  Support Transparent Command operation②;
  •  Support DPPM/WPPM tag-parsing mode③and maximize improving processing speed;
  •  Support antenna failure detection;
  •  Support RS232, RS485, RS422, RJ45(TCPIP)interface with optional WiFi interface; 
  •  Baud rate is adjustable;
  •  Low power dissipation with single +24V DC needed;
  •  Provide DLL and Demonstration Software Source code to facilitate further development. 
①Scan-mode: It refers to reader’s automatic working mode.
②Transparent Command Operation: It is an advanced feature designed to support tag’s future functions and different chip vendors’customized tag functions. 
③DPPM/WPPMTag-parsing Mode: DPPM tag-parsing mode means depth-first parsing pattern and WPPM means breadth-first parsing pattern. They are different methods of decoding multiple tags. 

Physical Specifications



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